Created in 2022 by aviation and travel enthusiasts, Flightreviews.net is an online platform dedicated to Flight reviews and ratings of airlines, airports, and other air travel players. Flightreviews.net stands out by making objectivity its top priority, all on an easy-to-use and practical platform with a sleek and elegant design.

Objectivity, our top priority

Everyone can contribute to Flightreviews.net

Flightreviews.net offers its users the possibility to make Flight reviews which can be either detailed or short.

The creation of Flight reviews is accessible to everyone. Anyone who flies, even if he is not an aviation expert, can share his experience on board on Flightreviews.net.

Moreover, our ambition is to offer all players in the global aviation industry feedback on passenger experiences while acting as a link between passengers and airlines. Indeed, Flightreviews.net works hand in hand with airlines and airports to improve the overall travel experience.

The objectivity algorithm

Travelling is a unique experience, and every traveller deserves an equally unique review. That's why Flightreviews.net has created a proprietary algorithm that examines every aspect of your flight (departure and arrival airports, cabin, seat, cleanliness, in-flight amenities and services, dining, entertainment, ability to handle unexpected events, and more) to provide you with a personalized rating that perfectly reflects your unique experience.

Our algorithm uses nearly 2,000 different rating criteria and 1.5 billion trillion possible combinations to objectively evaluate each airline, regardless of type, age, reputation, or pricing policy. This system, which generates objective ratings for all Flight reviews submitted to Flightreviews.net, finally allows you to compare the incomparable.

We're confident that you won't find a more comprehensive and unbiased rating system than Flightreviews.net. By creating Flight reviews, you can take part in this adventure, in order to cover a maximum of diverse experiences and enlarge our database. So don't wait any longer, and join a worldwide community of travel enthusiasts! Together, let's take passenger experience to the next level.

Meet our team

Flightreviews.net is managed by a small team of aviation and travel enthusiasts, based in France.

Yann Arnould

Head of Flightreviews.net, Web Dev
  Paris, France

Dorian Guillaumon

Communication, Travel content
  Montpellier, France

Léo Kreiss

Proofreader, Writer
  Strasbourg, France